The Author


Fernando Flores, Esq., is an attorney, high performance coach, author, speaker, podcaster, and lecturer.

As a trial and appellate attorney for over 10 years, he has worked and excelled in very high-stress, fast-paced work environments. He has handled cases in state and federal trial courts, the Courts of Appeal, and the California Supreme Court.

Fernando handled large case dockets and represented clients in some of the most vulnerable life circumstances, including victims of human trafficking and H2B visa guest workers.

Fernando is a first generation attorney and he understands that he would not have been able to do this valuable and high-impact work had he not obtained his license to practice law. For this reason, he has shared his Bar Exam Game Plan and bar exam tips with dozens of attorneys for over a decade, so that they can make their own impact. 

Fernando provides dedicated 1-on-1 coaching to law students throughout the United States in their journey to pass the bar exam.

Fernando received his J.D. from the University of California, Davis School of Law in 2007 and his B.A. in Sociology and Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley in 2004.