The Essential Guide To Passing The California Bar

Maintain Motivation and Gain Mastery of the Skills Required to Pass the Bar

By Fernando Flores, Esq.

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Are you ready to set yourself up for success? Are you ready to prepare your Bar Exam Game Plan?

Having a clear vision of how you are going to attack each part of the bar exam is very important.

I am incredibly passionate about helping others pass the bar exam and one of the key areas where big bar prep is failing bar examinees is ensuring that each person has a Bar Exam Game Plan that works for them.

Not everyone experiences stress in the same way and not everyone manages stress in the same way.  Similarly not everyone has the same level of comfort with multiple choice exams versus written essays. 

Therefore, it is very important that you assess where your strengths are based on your law school experience (and if you are a repeat bar exam taker, based on your previous bar exam attempt(s)) and develop a Bar Exam Game Plan that works for you!

With the Bar Exam Game Plan Program you will get incredible value with the goal of helping you pass the bar on this next attempt!

I always tell my clients that I do not want to work with them again because I want you to pass, and that same mindset applies here!

What you get:
–> Five 1-Hour Bar Exam Prep Calls – Group Live Calls! ($2,250 value) (Starts May 1st, Ends May 29th on Wednesdays, 6 PM(PST)/9PM (EST))
–> 15+ Bar Exam Attack Outlines that you can use as an additional memorization tool! ($1,125 value)
–> Personalized Bar Exam Game Plan Analysis! ($500 value)
–> 2 Bar Exam Prep Videos Covering Key strategies for the Essays! ($200 value)
–> 1 Bar Exam Prep Video Covering Key strategies for the Performance Test! ($100)
–> 1 Bar Exam Prep Video Covering Key strategies for the MBEs and Developing a Passing Mindset! ($100)
–> One 30-minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Fernando! ($125 value)
–> Free copy of “The Essential Guide to Passing the California Bar”! ($35 value)
–> Extensive Free Practice Essays and PTs from (Invaluable)
–> Extensive motivation and inspiration from Fernando! (Invaluable)
–> Assistance in getting into a self-empowered mindset that is necessary to pass the bar! (Invaluable)
TOTAL: $4,435.00



ONLY $197! That is a total savings of over 95%!

You will not get this kind of support and value anywhere else and Fernando has helped dozens of bar examinees develop their Bar Exam Game Plan and pass!

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The bar exam tips that Fernando Flores provided to me placed me in the right mindset to pass the California Bar Exam. He has a plan of attack for each section of the bar that helped tailor my preparation to both my strengths and weaknesses. Armed with these skills, I walked into the Bar Exam a more efficient writer and a more confident test-taker overall. Fernando’s bar exam strategies were invaluable to me passing the California Bar Exam. I highly recommend his approach and guidance to anyone endeavoring to conquer the California Bar.

Christina Manalo, Attorney

Having worked with other bar exam tutors in the past, I can honestly say that working with Fernando has helped best prepare me to retake the California Bar Exam. Fernando’s strengths as a coach/bar tutor lay in his approach which not only focuses on strategy but also takes into account factors including mindset and health. Fernando pushes you to challenge yourself and continually seek improvement. Additionally, the fact that Fernando has experienced what it feels like to be a repeat bar taker allows him to really understand the challenges and hurdles involved in taking the test again. Fernando’s support, motivation, positivity, training and encouragement are important factors that differentiate him from other coaches/ tutors. 

Luis Landeros, Recent Bar Exam Taker

Fernando Flores’s bar exam strategies demystified bar prep for me by providing straightforward techniques that I practiced efficiently and deployed successfully on the exam. Fernando’s strategies provided a blueprint that allowed me to write essays with confidence because I knew the structure that the examiners were looking for and how to use that structure to demonstrate my mastery of the applicable rules and legal knowledge.

Shira Levine, Attorney

Fernando’s coaching and guidance offered me the holistic support I needed to feel confident in my ability to do my best on the actual bar. Fernando is demanding, but he walks with you every step of the way and regularly checks in with you to ensure that his coaching is meeting your needs. His coaching not only prepares you for the bar, but it also emphasizes wellness in ways that prepare you for the legal profession generally. I would definitely recommend his services!

Erika Hernandez, Recent Bar Exam Taker

Fernando Flores’s strategies helped me fill in the gaps that a traditional bar review course does not provide, and his bar tips were the reason I passed the California Bar Exam on my first try.

Gerardo Vicuña, Attorney

The bar strategies that Fernando provided me for the California Bar Exam helped me develop a plan to organize my studying, and perhaps most importantly for me, increase my confidence in my efforts as I prepared for one of the greatest challenges in my life.

Angel Castro, Attorney

Fernando’s bar tips and strategies were invaluable to me! The bar exam was intimidating and overwhelming, and many times I felt I was alone in trying the overcome it. Fernando’s bar tips provided me key insights and comfort and gave me confidence to overcome the exam. There were a few tips that stood out. One of the main ones was that Fernando reminded me that the bar exam is at least 60% a mindset challenge. I felt I was stressing myself out before reviewing all his tips and strategies, and after I did, that changed my mindset, which had a positive impact physically and mentally.

Shehryar Chaudhry, Attorney

One of the key tips that Fernando provided to me was that to in order to pass, I needed to make sure my writing was on point; if your essays start out terrible, you will lose the reader from the beginning, instead you should aim to be clear, accurate, and organized. I applied Fernando’s tips methodically and even when I didn’t know the law I remained committed to the organization Fernando provided which allowed my analysis to remain organized even in those situations. I strongly believe this is what put me over the hump and helped me to pass on my first attempt.

Renzo Manay, Attorney

Fernando was realistic and honest about the amount of studying needed to pass the California bar exam, but most importantly his bar exam tips encouraged strict use of IRAC, which helped me tremendously in my writing.

Erica Gonzalez, Attorney

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